The Mystery Machine

I'd been wanting to build a full-size arcade machine for years. Finally, three months ago, I actually got it together and started. There's a few little things to add, but it's pretty much finished.

The Mystery Machine runs the excellent MAME software for emulating arcade games. It also runs emulators for Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Intellivision, Colecovision, Vectrex, Super Nintendo and Virtual Pinball.

There's also a full jukebox function and video player. For more nerdtastic info go here.

O Christmas Tree

A little chop of "O Tennenbaum" from the Charlie Brown Christmas album. Made in Dec '06. Nice for cutting over, methinks. Peace to Vince Guaraldi and the late great Charles M. Schultz.

Losing Big L

I had a conversation recently while DJing abroad about the late great Big L, and proceeded to inform the guy that I was fortunate enough to meet the not-so-Big-in-real-life L a few years ago at a Knowledge of Self gig here in Brighton. Before his set he was kind enough to rock a 3 minute freestyle into my dictaphone, which was, needless to say, all that and then some. I don't remember when or where I last saw the dictaphone and the tape. I think it got lost in one of those boy/girl break-ups. Just one of those things that has, sadly, been confined to memory alone. Once again, Big L rest in peace.

Blue Flowers

Let's kick this off with a quick remix I did of the Dr Octagon classic "Blue Flowers". Found this on my computer tonight, did the remix on 25th Sept 2006. The beat goes on at the end, as I couldn't be bothered to edit it. I'm like that. Peace to my man Greg way out East.